The glorious sound of a young man exploring his voice. Raw and unfiltered, like if Springsteen’s “Nebraska” had been a happy record.
— Rich Hope

Listen and Celebrate 

There will be a Listening Gathering of Owen’s musical project, Desolation Sound, at a beautiful old venue in Vancouver, The Wise Hall on May 31st of this year. Get together with friends and community of Owen Thomas Lightly and listen to his music, and music that inspired him. On this day, Owen would have been turning 35. Come and celebrate the beautiful human that he was, share in his memory, and listen to his rough recordings of a burgeoning musical project that he called "Desolation Sound" - a project that he didn't get to finish before he died May 29th, 2014.

A few of us have worked to put on vinyl what rough recordings he had (because they are perfect as is) in order to give you the opportunity to play the record as a keepsake piece on rotation in your own home. It will be your chance to purchase a record (pay what you can), and of course get together with friends on his birthday, to raise a glass to our beloved Owen.

There will be whisky, beers, and tears. But there will also be beauty beyond belief in one room that is filled with Owen’s heartbreakingly beautiful music. I would love it if you could come and and help fill the room with memory sharing, laughter, and love. I know how painful it is to step close to the void of grief, and we work hard to not go near the edge for fear of falling in. Let’s step closer, together, this night. Let it be our soul-food that eases our hearts, lowers our fears and stresses. A time to be gentle on our hearts. 

Things to note: 
- There will be a cash bar to order drinks
- 12" records for sale - pay what you can. CASH ONLY
- doors at 8pm, and will be playing the record to listen together sometime around 9pm. Don't be late and come for 8! 
- Kids welcome

Where:         The Wise Hall: 1882 Adanac St. in Vancouver  

When:           May 31, 2017 

What time:    8pm till late. 

Bring friends, bring family. xo

all my love, 




any questions just drop me a line